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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Couldn't hit a barn door with an elephant

Much hand-wringing at the BBC at the auction of 3 years of Premier League television rights for £5.1 billion. The dweebs at the beeb can hardly believe that anyone would pay so much for so little.

Needless to say that the thought probably hasn't crossed their minds that there wouldn't be such demand for footie on the box if Auntie didn't produce a never-ending nauseous stream of antique-cooking-celebrity chat-dance shows.

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Demetrius said...

More to the point English Premier footie is now a major world sports watch with the potential for increasing take up and interest. It is a risk for Sky, but could be a nice if not little, then big earner. Was it around 25 years ago that informed and expert opinion was of the view that Sky was mad to pay out what was then big money? We like to listen to music on steam radio with "wall paper" on screen. Golf without sound is easy, Alpine skiing scenic, but Premier footie can provide undemanding eye fodder.