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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

UK government debt downgraded

... by the Chinese.

Not the world's most respected rating agency, but since they have the world's biggest cheque book, you have to respect their point of view.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Cable disconnected

It seems only a few years ago that the BBC would hang on every word of Vince Cable as an economic guru of great stature. In reality he was a pygmy amongst giants barely more credible than the others on the left (e.g. Ed Balls and the Economics section of his PPE degree).

But last week Cable gave an interview to the Grauniad that appears to have passed the BBC's collective notice. Not surprising really, because what did the now-government minister say?  That the rate of spending under the last government was unsustainable, that we would all have to tighten our belts and that GDP might drop several per cent as a result.  I could have told him that a couple of years ago.

In fact I did.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Queen in Ireland

Pure class!  I have long been a fan, but she has shown once again why we are better off without an elected politician as head of state.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Separated at birth?

Let's face it. You've never seen them in the same room.

But now, perhaps we will.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

No sense of history

I don't know what is up with the modern press, but they have no sense of history. Yesterday, on Cup Final day, there were also League games, which doesn't often happen, but does this year because the Champions' League Final will be held at Wembley.

One of the scorelines was Blackpool 4 - Bolton Wanderers 3. Nobody seemed to notice, or more likely, none of them watched football in 1953.


Reading a Times report from last year, this was an accident waiting to happen.

We shouldn't conjecture on his fate. For all we know, the reason he came rushing out of the bathroom stark naked was because he was late for his plane and he just bumped into the maid, and in his rush to the airport he lost his phone and papers. Perhaps.

Of course, he has no chance of getting elected as President now. Even if he isn't convicted, the fact that he stayed in a $3,000 a night suite should kill his Parti Socialiste credentials.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Google vs Facebook

Apparently things are getting very stroppy between Google and Facebook. Then this afternoon Google Chrome showed a blank screen where my Facebook account should be. Other browsers working fine. Coincidence?

Whistleblower blows the whistle on Campbell

Oh joy, Oh bliss,. Oh rapture.

It isn't just the fact that someone in the MOD finally had the balls to calll out Campbell and Blair and their lies to the country and the Chilcott inquiry.

It's the fact that someone had the foresight / perspicacity / sense of humour to make him the Chief Executive of Crimestoppers.

Queen II passes a royal milestone

.. According to the BBC.

God bless you ma'am.  I hope you make a quick recovery.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Afore ye go

If we could have a word, Mr Salmond. A small matter of the bill, or to be more precise, the National Debt.  I believe it is customary in such arrangements for the parties to an independence agreement to share the debts incurred.  Nobody gets to walk away Scot free (if you'll excuse the pun), and as Scotland represents 1/12th of the population, perhaps you would like to take on 1/12th of the debt.

Although it wouldn't be fair on the lenders to hand over responsibility to Scotland for 1/12th of the currently outstanding gilts.  The gilt holders expect the full faith and credit of the UK Treasury, not some standalone entity that hasn't functioned independently since the 18th century and with no revenue authority to speak of at present.  The only equitable solution would be for the Scottish executive to raise around £60 billion against its own credit to buy out £60 billion of gilts, which we will cancel.

When you have the cash, perhaps we can sit down and have a chat about where we go from there.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Can you hear me Paddy Ashdown?

Can you hear me Paddy Ashdown, Jeremy Thorpe, Chris Huhne, Sarah Teather, Charlie Kennedy, that bloke who looks like Beaker but is Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Nick Clegg?  Can you hear me Nick Clegg?  Your boys took one hell of a beating!