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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Motes, eyes etc

I expect others receive the same number of calls from universities trying to gouge cash from their alumni. We probably get more than our fair share because with three grown daughters having fled the nest after graduating from Oxford, we get calls from their respective colleges who have not been given a forwarding address.

Well now I have a new brush off line. "The day when the Vice Chancellor of your university sacrifices so much of his pay that he is paid no more than the Prime Minister and donates the rest, is the day that I will donate to your student hardship fund."


Demetrius said...

The ones that worry me are those begging for a legacy and asking me to make a new will. As my final year was in the 1950's do they know something I don't?

Bill Bell said...

I do love that this particular complaint/topic allows you to brag about your three daughters attendance at various Oxford colleges.

Next post should be regarding the outrageous expense of maintaining an Aston Martin.

Alex said...

I have no idea what it costs to maintain an Aston Martin, but my Maserati Gran Turismo is quite reasonable as is my wife's 4x4.