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Monday, 24 December 2007



BETHLEHEM, JUDEA -In the early morning hours, the Social Services Hotline received a call from a worried neighbour who had discovered a young family living in a stable. On their arrival, the Social Services Emergency team, together with police officers, found a new-born baby, clothed only in strips of cotton and lying in a feeding trough, and its 14 year old mother, Mary D. from Nazareth.

During the arrest of the mother and infant, a man, later named as Joseph D., also from Nazareth, attempted to hold the Social Service staff back. Joseph, helped by local shepherds and three still unidentified immigrants, tried to keep the girl and her infant from being taken away, but were removed by the police.

The police also arrested the three immigrants, who described themselves as "wise men" from a Eastern country. The Home Office and Customs & Excise have asked the public for any information about the origins of the three men, whose immigration status is unclear.

A police spokesman said that the men carried no form of identification, but had gold with them, and certain other high value substances. They also resisted arrest and claimed that God had told them to return home immediately and avoid all contact with officials from any governmental departments. The substances have been sent for further inspection.

The present location of the infant has not been made public. A Social Services spokeswoman informed a press conference, "The father is middle-aged and the mother is under age. We are currently in contact with Nazareth Council Offices to find out what the relationship is between the two of them."

Mary is in Bethlehem Regional Hospital under medical and psychiatric observation. She will be charged with neglect. Her condition will be of great interest to psychiatrists in view of the fact that she claims to still be a virgin intacta and that the infant was from God.

In an official statement the Head of the Psychiatric Department said, "It isn't my job to tell people what to believe, but when their belief leads to the endangerment of a new-born child, as in this case, then such people must be viewed as dangerous. And the fact that drugs were found makes the situation even worse."

On questioning, the shepherds found in the stable said they had been instructed to go there by a tall man dressed in a white nightshirt and with wings on his back. A speaker for the Drug Squad said, "That is probably the most idiotic thing that I've ever heard but we get a lot of this at this time of year."

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