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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Molesworth 1 back in the jug agane

Gosh chiz, as any fule kno, tax frord is uterly weedy and wet, but Nigel Molesworth, dashing hero of st custards, aka David Mills, hav bin up in front of the beak. It look like he will get the kane chiz moan drone.

Mills sa 'he do not care so boo there is no difrence between st custard's and wormwood scrubs anyway' but his pater was a big cheez spy at MI6 in Gibralter, so his gran sa it will bring shame on whol familly, particularly gurls like his strange wife who liv in a cabinet with a minister and his bro's wife who was director of pubblic persecutions. 'That,' say his gran, 'explane why britain is what it is toda.'

Mills sa 'All girls are soppy. This fact is recognised by all boys and the message is clear but seme to become dimmer as they draw on to man's estate chiz.'

'Reality,' sa mills 2 , 'is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder', but the gorila of 3B cudn't care becos mills 2 is weedy and uterly wet like fotherington-thomas who spend all day saying 'Hullo, clouds, hullo, sky' and he wil touough him up jus like mills will be tuoughed up in Italian detenshun oww chiz chiz.

'Keep yore bat strate boy and all will be all right in life as in criket.' so sa headmaster Grimes, but mills hav a slosh and is clene bowld.

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