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Friday, 29 January 2010

Can any one explain this to me?

Public sector non-job of the week from the Times. Can anyone explain what the postholder will actually do every working day to become entitled to their £82,000?


Head of Democratic and Partnership Services
Calderdale has achieved a tremendous amount over the last few years. We have clear priorities and an ambitious change agenda, ‘Vision to Reality’, which aims to make Calderdale a place where we recognise that ‘everyone is different’ and where ‘everyone matters’.
This is a fantastic time to join Calderdale as we strike out in an ambitious, modern direction. Major change programmes are already rolling-out across the Council and our partner organisations and we are expecting all of our senior officers to play a key role in the delivery of our ambitious plans. We are confident that with the right team in place we will achieve our vision, delivering on what matters to local people.
As a member of the Council’s Extended Management Team, our new Head of Democratic and Partnership Services will be at the centre of this change, ensuring that the Council and its partners meet the requirements of the new Comprehensive Area Assessment regime. Specific challenges will include leading on the development of the external strategic partnerships of the Local Strategic Partnership, influencing cross-council partnership working and overseeing the development and support to Members through the modernisation of Member Support, Democratic Services and Scrutiny. As well as managing Democratic and Partnership services, the post-holder will also be the Council’s statutory Monitoring Officer.
To find out more, please visit http://jobs.calderdale.gov.uk/democraticandpartnership or contact our retained consultants for a confidential discussion: Nick Raper on 0113 205 6076, or Jemma McPherson on 0121 644 5714.
Closing date: 12th February 2010.


Demetrius said...

Its Halifax and round there lad. When I were up in Yorkshire we always thought the Halifax lot were a bit strange. Something to do with the height and the water. In the old days there would have been a junior solicitor in Legal doing the Returning Officer work, covering any new laws and reg's, liasing with other departments, and attending and reporting on meetings with any neighbouring and regional bodies. It were called administration and doing your duty. Allowing for inflation the appointed person would be getting about half of this one and likely doing a better job in half the time.

The King of Wrong said...

@Demetrius: luxury!

£41k is still a lot more than a paper-pushing job like that is worth, especially in t'North - London weighting might push that level for a senior administrator, but living costs are rather higher...

Bill Bell said...

Is that a real advert?

How may times can they use the words 'liaise' and 'partnership' in one paragraph? It reads like a particularly gruesome singles ad. Hilariously they've also retained recruitment agents for this one, which means the real cost to the taxpayer is likely north of £100k!

Alex said...

Oh yes, it's real job ad. And it's a "real" job in the sense of their being an employment contract, but not in the sense of it being useful work, or do I presume.