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Monday, 1 February 2010

The Masterley tax return

Duly filed at 23:56. Having assiduously filed papers through out the year, this year's tax return completion started at 23:42, which I think makes this year about as late a start as I can remember.

UPDATE: Soon after I got a reply by email: "Thank you for sending the Self Assessment submission online. The submission for reference 32*******202 was successfully received on 2010-01-31T23:56:51.676 and is being processed."

So they acknowledge the time in milliseconds, and I wasn't really cutting it that fine.

I could have filed up to 488,323 milliseconds later.

1 comment:

The King of Wrong said...

Assuming the HMRC clocks are synchronised appropriately, that is... I wouldn't put it past them to be a few seconds/minutes fast to catch a few £100 fines.