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Dow Jones

Saturday, 19 June 2010

'Nice to see your own fans booing you'

Well it's not nice Wayne. But I expect it's because, unlike you,. the fans have paid their own way out to South Africa, and most of them earn a lot less in a year than you earn in a week.

And I daresay that if you and your teammates can't be *rsed to make a go of it, then most of the fans would be happy to take your place show you the meaning of commitment even if they would probably make a hash of it.

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Alex said...

Because our players are paid so much more and our fans pay much more to watch them. If the players want to be paid top salaries they should perform like a top team. If they can't then they should be replaced at club level because there are plenty of overseas players who are paid far less and can play better.