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Dow Jones

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The fastest way off the dole and into work

Justice secretary Ken Clarke has said that a "regime of hard work" needs to be introduced to the prison system to reduce re-offending and to instill a work ethic in inmates. Speaking to the Conservative party conference, he confirmed plans to make prisoners work a full forty-hour week where they were likely to be paid the national minimum wage. He said: "If we want to reduce the crimes these people will commit when they get out... We need as many prisoners as possible to work hard for regular working hours."

So there you have it, for anyone who wants to get off benefits into work. Rob a bank and you will be put onto a minimum wage job in no time. Better still, for an OAP strugling to make ends meet on the full state pension off £97.65 per week (single) or  £156.15 (married couple) per week, get yourself banged up for sheltered accomodation and a job that pays  £185 a week.

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Demetrius said...

This is not quite so much a humourous comment as many would think. Our local gaol is just along the road and as I walk past it often occurs to me the advantages of being inside rather than outside. The trouble is that if I commit a major crime it will not do, I will just have to put the wrong stuff in the recycle bin.