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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Beebonomics Part I

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls said on the Andrew Marr show he doubts that "in his heart of hearts" the Bank of England governor believes the UK economy is on the right track

Governor Mervyn King said on Tuesday "the right course has been set and it is important we maintain it".
But Mr Balls told the BBC that if Mr King said Britain "was on the wrong track it would have caused a crisis".

Which just shows how desperate balls and the Labour Party are becoming.  With commentator after commentator from the OECD, German government, the US, the IMF and the rest of the world queueing up at Davos to tell the BBC that theUK governement's actions were the only sensible one's to be made in the current circumstances.

And yet in spite of all the eminent economists speaking up for the government the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation continue to give credence to the odiously mendacious MP for Northallerton and his year of undergraduate economics.

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