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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

"An insult to the British public"

Isn't the internet a wonderful thing? If it were not for the world wide web of news most of us would probably accept the anti-Government/pro-Labour spin that comes from the BBC.  This morning they are playing down reports that David Cameron might veto Gordon Brown's appointment to head the IMF (if  it ever got that far although the story is one that is playing largely in the minds of the editors of the Guardian, Mirror and BBC, not the wise heads who will make the decision).

Actually Cameron is simply echoing the words of his Chancellor who said that the idea was an insult to the British public, and he should know because he is charged with clearing up the mess from Brown's fiscal diarrhoea.

But are the BBC likely to report this objectively?  Of course not, any more than they are inclied to report on the downgrade of US government debt and favourable comparison (for the UK government) of UK and US fiscal policies. Instead the sages of the BBC Business news give us "Strong sales lift Burberry shares", "Apple sues Samsung for 'copying'", "CBI warning on inward investment", but no report of stock market mayhem around the world.

In some ways news reporting in this country is like that in Iran or North Korea.

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