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Sunday, 19 June 2011

The end of Little Britain

Of all the programmes I most enjoy not watching on TV, Little Britain has always struck me as the most unpleasant, always striving for the lowest possible taste.  Today's piece of good news is that this piece of ordure will be made no longer. Read the comments./  I am not alon in my thinking here.

That it was ever made at all was testament to the BBC process of thought crime morality - certain people people commit PC hate crimes against other categories of people, so we will create stereotypes of those social traits, objectify and lampoon them with vileness and vulgarity that would be hard to pass of as entertainment without the critical subtext.

Well finally the BBC has realised that repetition of the same dozen non-jokes in different circumstances does not make a sketch show, and after their US venture bombed, the show ran out of jokes and their airline skit ran out of gags before the end of the first show, so perhaps we will no longer be offered endless repeats of Little Britain as either social commentary or high comedy.

Next: Why Gervais was better as a pot of fromage frais.

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