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Thursday, 20 October 2011

More on amateurism

I don't know whether it is the truth or the end result of a meme started by my last posting, but Paul Waugh of the Evening Standard has blogged today that Cameron appointed Chloe Smith to a Treasury ministerial post under the misapprehension that her 4 years at Deloitte entailed qualification as a Chartered Accountant.

According to Waugh, she disabused him of this idea .. before accepting the post, trusering a considerably higher ministerial salary than she could have ever expected as a spreadsheet jockey at Deloittes.

Still, with Cameron's "real world" experience limited to PR, we can hardly expect him to understand.


Demetrius said...

At one time we were governed by amateur politicians but recently by professionals. The amateurs seemed to have done rather better. But when a professional is amateur what can happen, will it all just fall apart?

Alex said...

Very true, but in those days government spending represented considerably less than 50% of GDP.