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Monday, 11 June 2012

No idea what this means

Well actually I think it is something to do with an "initiative" (πρωτοβουλία) by "journalists" (δημοσιογράφων), but I like this free advertising from Greece.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever come across an occasional parody periodical, printed on yellow paper, which appeared at very irregular intervals in the '80s? It, too, was called "Financial Crimes". They were a precious commodity. I have one copy which escaped theft, out in the barn in Box 35b (possibly).

I think "FC" came out of the bond market, as many of the jokes were impenetrable - and the characters unfamiliar - to those of us who worked on the equity side.

Well, the bond guys had far less work to do! They were often 'playing' by mid-morning.

There was a certain amount of input from the boys at Lloyds, too, where a dark sense of humour was the only way to get through having everything you owned on risk all the time. The best jokes tended to come out of the insurance market.

Alex said...

No missed that, but I moved abroad in 1976, returned in 1997, and most of my 1980's was spent working in Europe and New York, with only occasional trips to London. When I came back to London I was in the "merchant banking" arm of a large US commercial bank, so we didn't do equities or debt underwriting (Glass Steagall), and our trading was mostly money markets, swaps and FX.

Alex said...
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