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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Making up the news

World Twenty20 chiefs must re-examine giving women players a third less daily living allowance than men, England captain Charlotte Edwards has said.

.... or so run the headlines in the BBC website article here, where the England captain didn't say anything of the sort.  More's the pity for the BBC reporter who repeated the same line on Radio4 this morning.

The England Women's T20 team may be one of the best 10 women's teams in the world, but they aren't a patch on the men's team.  They get paid £60 pounds or so living costs in Sri Lanka, which is enough to live like a king or queen in Sri Lanka, but £40 less than the men.

Nobody quite frankly could give a damn, least of all the women on tour (flown out Economy compared to the men in Business), except for our intrepid BBC reporter who makes up the news as she goes along.

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