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Friday, 12 October 2012

Beyond parody

There's a guy in Washington who chairs a meeting every Tuesday.  At that meeting they pick the names of several people in a far away country to be assassinated.  The committee has no jurisdiction in that foreign country, the two countries are not at war and most of the people targeted are civilians. Many other people have been killed in the process although they were not targeted.  The man running this killing operation is Barack Obama. Three years ago he won the Nobel Peace prize.

Just to show that this was not a one off, the Nobel Committee has decided to award this year's peace prize to the EU. Thorbjrn Jagland, head of the Oslo-based Nobel Committee, justified the award by stressing the EU's role in bringing France and Germany closer together, and by helping strengthen democracy in southern as well as central and eastern Europe.  So the EU gets a prize because Germany hasn't invaded anybody else.  The euro has reduced the economies of Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Ireland to rubble and brought their governments under the control of the ECB/Bundesbank without a shot being fired.

And some joker in Norway thinks that is worthy of a prize.


Demetrius said...

Elsewhere I have commented that if you nominate Genghis Khan I will nominate Attila The Hun.

Anonymous said...

Nobel nominations have to be submitted by January 31st. Obama was inaugurated on January 20th. For the previous 4 years he had done nothing but promote himself in his bid for the presidency.

My, he must have been so successful in working for peace in those busy 11 days in the Oval Office.