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Dow Jones

Friday, 10 May 2013

Well they would say that wouldn't they

A West Yorkshire Police report has found "no evidence" Jimmy Savile was protected from arrest or prosecution by his relationship with the force.

Well that's hardly surprising. Picture the scene down at 't Batley Cop Shop.

"Ay oop Sarge. Another lass saying she's been you know what wi' long-haired cigar-chomping kiddie fidler off 't radio"

"Right lad, tha's goin nowhere. File it wi' all others in 't bin. The lad pays us enough into Coppers Ball Fund."

"Righto Sarge, and should I put a record on't file."

"No you daft ha'porth. You want this showing up in 15 years when I am about to draw my pension".

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