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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

You have to feel a bit sorry for Mohammed Morsi

After years of listening to the West talking about the value of democracy, the Egyptians hold what appear to be reasonably free and fair elections, and Mr Morsi wins.  Not the result perhaps that everyone in the west was generally hoping for, but hey, that's democracy and, fair enough Mr Mohrsi gets to take charge.

Fast forward a few years and things may not have run that smoothly.  There is serious rioting in the streets, and the army, as they often do, decides that as self appointed guardian of the nation, they have to step in and take over.

Which is not so good for Mr Morsi, particularly because he is carted off to some unknown place while the current boys in charge figure up some trumped up charges to put him on trial.  Of course he is generally immune from prosecution during his time as head of government so they have to try to dig up some dirt going back to 2011 accusing him of plotting with Hamas to free prisoners from Egyptian jails. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't, but if he did, Mr Morsi probably considers himself to be like those who stormed the Bastille.

Certainly this democracy thing is hard to figure out.

But then they really rub salt into the wound, because who should pop up to talk to Mr Morsi for a couple of hours in his salubrious oubliette than the unelected and unaccountable Lady Ashton, whose rise without trace echoes that of many of the leaders of the former National Democratic Party. Although, no doubt she was able to lecture him on the democratic systems of the west.

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