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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

There's no such thing as a free lunch

Liberal Democrat Conference Stunt of the Day was the announcement of "free" school meals for the first three years of school.  Now it's never too early for our youngest students to learn that there is no such thing a s a free lunch (or dinner if you are up north or in a state school).

All these lunches have to be bought by the tax payer and cooked and served by paid staff (although the marginal cost of the latter may be relatively small if they were already working), and the cost of this will fall to the tax payer, or rather be added to the deficit.

So who is going to pay for it?  Why of course the very darlings who will be chomping the "gratis" Turkey Twizzler's, only they will be paying for it over 20 years with interest. Net gainers?  The middle class mums who will see their purses about £12 fuller every week?  The net losers?  The offspring of the "mostvunnerableinsociety" who will be paying for this mallarkey through the tax on beer & fags in 2035.

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