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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Barmy army

I see that a number of retired heads of the military have written to Her Majesty's Telegraph to let us all know that we would be much safer in the EU, which they appear to have confused with its neighbour in north east Brussels, NATO.

Let us not forget that these gentlemen were the strategic geniuses who cut Army numbers to a level that couldn’t fill Wembley stadium, gave us a Navy with more admirals than ships and aircraft carriers with no planes, and an RAF equipped with Eurofighters apparently fuelled by Euro notes, billion dollar "off-the-shelf" inflight refuelling aircraft and barely any operational bombers -  all on the world's fifth largest military budget.

I can see why they feel at home in the EU.


Demetrius said...

Good to see you back. On this tack you might be interested in my post of 17 February titled "Boots Boots Boots Boots". If my assessment of probable EU strategy is correct there could well be situations where they felt the Atlantic Isles would not be worth defending.

Bill Bell said...

Everyone's an idiot arent they Alex, except you. If only they could see how right you are about everything.

Anonymous said...

Good post.