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Monday, 17 September 2007

French Foreign Minister talks tough

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner has again raised the spectre of a conflict with Tehran, warning the world "to prepare for the worst... and the worst means war".

The Iranians responded in no certain terms (sic) viz. "Dealing with international developments in a way mostly different from the US hegemonic approach was an old tradition for Europe that considered it as a way to maintain its independence from its transatlantic ally. In the US-Europe coalition, France was, most of the time, less obedient to Washington's policies than Britain although Paris has always been a partner of Washington. The occupants of the Ellyse have become translators of the White House policies in Europe and have adopted a tone that is even harder, even more inflammatory and more illogical than that of Washington. At the international level, the new government of France has possibly preferred more tension than peace as it has now stepped on the road of creating more tensions by adopting extremist stands. The French people will never forget the present time when a person with a non-European approach has moved into the Ellyse." I can say no more.

But if the worst really comes to the worst, what will the French do about the 2 Iranian aircraft that are currently sitting on the French Civil Aviation register (F-OJHH and F-OJHI)? Don't forget: April 10th is Nuclear Technology Day in Iran.

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