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Thursday, 29 November 2007

NatWest 3 to keep £1m each?

The NatWest 3 have agreed to pay the $7.325 million they earned from the Enron deal back to RBS, the new owners of NatWest. But all things considered, they have come out of it pretty well. Assuming that they converted their dollars to sterling at the market rate at the time (0.6672) they would have converted it to £4.887 million. Reinvested it at 5% for seven years it would have grown to £6.876 million. To pay back the $7.325 million they only have to pay £3.539 million (converted at 0.4831), which means they keep £3.338 million.

Of course they would have been entitled to a higher bonus from Nat West for the extra income they produced for 1990, so it's a shame they quit before bonuses were paid. Of course they don't have to pay the $7.325 million to RBS; they could just do the time, so they have a bit of leverage over RBS. Sounds like they should be able to cut a deal. These guys need a broker.

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