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Thursday, 29 November 2007

The state of the nation

It’s becoming clear that we are living in a CIA fronted, Mossad directed, Jewish conspiracy milked by canny Scottish friends of Dorothy hoping to retire on savings invested via Northern Rock in sub-prime mortgagees stupid enough to vote for them.
The last lot ran to a similar formula but with Arab money, arms and oil dealers, Essex girls, adulterers, philanderers and jobs in privatised companies.
I want to know who I can pay £25,000 to get a piece of the Olympic action, gain a few contracts for painting multi-coloured lines all over the roads, removing them, re-painting them, and doing the same with bumps, speed cushions, cycle paths, paving etc. There is money there and I am not getting it. If I put money in the Rock will they give me a couple of landing slots on the new third runway?

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