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Monday, 24 August 2009

Tailender fighting a rearguard action

Gordon Brown outraged Scotsmen everywhere when he congratulated England's cricket team on their first Test win against Australia at Lord's in 75 years.

"The prime minister has been following the cricket," said his spokesman, adding "This was clearly a good win for England today and he looks forward to the rest of the series."

But obviously not that much, because nearly 24 hours after the winning the Ashes, the England team has yet to hear from the Prime Minister. The silence is in marked contrast to his words of praise for the England women's team after they won the Twenty20 World Cup this spring.

His diffidence is clearly because he knows that if he sticks his head out of the 10 Downing Street bunker, he will be shot down by a salvo of questions about trade agreements with Libya. No doubt he will intite the victorious team to pee on his roses at a later date.

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