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Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Ed Miliband Profile in full in 25 words or less

1990 Oxford BA: PPE, 1993 LSE MA: Economics, 1997 SpAd, 2005 MP,  2007 Junior Minister, 2008 Secretary of State,  2010 Labour Party leader


Demetrius said...

He he learned yet what a spanner is and does?

Eddie said...

2011: Mildred redundant?
After all, the caretaker leaders of the Conservatives did not have long tenure.
It's inconceivable (& an appalling prospect) to imagine this union puppet going on to become PM. But if the great British people vote for him in their stupid, welfare-dependency droves, they deserve the economic doom ahead - public sector employing 95% perhaps, supported by the EUSSR?

Alex said...

"Eddie said...
2011: Mildred redundant?"

I doubt it because the Labour Party rules make it harder to depose a Leader than other party rules even after losing an election, so don't be surprised if he is still around in 8 years time, leading an unelectable Labour Party.

My guess is that there could be a LibDem/ Conservative coalition for some time because parts of the electorate seems to like the combined effect (sensible economics, fairly liberal social policies). The Labour Party will be reduced to cynical sniping through parts of the sympathetic media supported by their client voter base.