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Saturday, 5 February 2011

I live in a relatively expensive house

Miliband: "I live in a relatively expensive house."
Morgan: "How much is it worth?"
Miliband: "I'm not sure, over a million."
Morgan: "How much exactly?"
Miliband: "I don't know Piers, I haven't checked." 
Morgan: "You don't know? Everyone else in Britain knows what their house is worth."
Miliband: "It was bought for £1.6m."
Morgan: "When?"
Miliband: "A year and a bit ago."
Morgan: "Well remembered."

Ed Milipede being interviewed for GQ by Piers Morgan.  Given what Ed Miliband has done to earn a crust for the last few years, does this level of wealth not bracket him with Cameron and Osborne? What do the people of Doncaster think about their elected representative's accommodation? Who would have thought that it was only 2 generations ago that the Milibands lined up with the Red Army.


Not a sheep said...

Great spot.

Bill Bell said...

Didn't his wife pay for the house?

Whereas Georgey and Cam's parents (or trusts set-up by their parents) paid for theirs.

Alex said...

"Didn't his wife pay for the house?"

He isn't married.

The other difference between Cameron, Osborne and Milliband is that Cameron and Osborne don't try to pretend they are not wealthy, although I admit don't know who paid for their houses.