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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Overpaid public sector presidents

Much uproar about civil servants and council leaders who get paid more than the Prime Minister, and quite right too (the protests not the salary), but I worry much more about national leaders who not only seem to get a sense of entitlement, but become increasingly difficult to budge and dream of personal dynasties, like Mr Mubarak and any other number of Arab leaders, or Berlusconi for that matter.

But I worry most of all when I hear how Mr Putin, on his modest £80,000 salary has been able to have a £600 million Summer palace built (here on Google Earth, I think). Here is a man who is not only blatantly corrupt (but then so was Yeltsin), but he also has his finger on a nuclear button.  Will he be as easy to remove as Mubarak when his time comes? Some how I think not.

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