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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Goldman Sachs rules the world

I am not a trader, and I don't have much time for them.  There again they don't have much time for me.  But I take my hat off to Alessio Rastani, the self-styled City trader who stripped away the jargon and bluster of the financial world and summed up our woes in just three minutes.

"I go to bed every night dreaming of another recession," he explained in a BBC interview. "It's an opportunity." The soundbites won Mr Rastani instant fame.

He became a viral hit and was trending on Twitter. BBC business editor Robert Peston was among his many fans. "A must watch if you want to understand the euro crisis and how markets work," Peston told his army of 82,000 followers on Twitter on Tuesday.

Trouble was, Mr Rastani was nothing of the sort. Mr Rastani works and lives in a £200,000 semi in Bexleyheath, south London as a public speaker. The house belongs to his partner.

Peston and the BBC have now retorted that they have checked him out, but it seems that nobody bothered to check the FSA register.  Strange, you would have thought they would have thought about that one after Michael Brown, the Lib Dem wonder donor.

OK, all you morons out there who have no idea how to check out if someone really works in the City. Drop me an email and I will let you have their bona or non-bona fides in 10 minutes.

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