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Monday, 26 September 2011

Why Britain should join the Euro

Not my suggestion but that of Richard Layard, Willem Buiter, Christopher Huhne, Will Hutton, Peter Kenen and Adair Turner and published by the Gaddhaffi School of Economics in 2002.

Download it here for a good laugh at the pomposity of the puffed up idiots who lecture us on how we should lead our lives, and note how all the arguments against (One size does not fit all, Europe is a failing economy, Tax harmonisation, Britain’s financial system is different, Europe’s unfunded pension liabilities, The euro will fail) all turned out to be correct.

Also note how the three political types (Huhne, Hutton and Turner) not only offer us the benefit of their wisdom on economics, but also share with us their profound insights on thermodynamics and fluid mechanics to inform our thinking on climate change.

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