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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Godwins law in a few easy steps

Very amusing to see the indignation about Britain in the German media.  On the one hand they are grumbling about friends not helping in a crisis, on the other hand the von Lambsdorff;'s and the Bendit-Cohn's of the world want to drive Britain out of the EU.  Bendit-Cohn's idea is to impose financial regulations on all EU countries in order to drive Britain towards leaving the EU.  Talk about cutting off your nose to spite yor face.

The simple response is that it is the eurozone's problem and it is for the eurozone countries not the EU to fix the problem.  Britain signed up to be a member of a free trade zone and has never signed up to a common currency agreement, let alone of the German Lander.

In a sense, Der Spiegel answers itself by a a link at the bottom of the webpage. We signed up for what we signed up for and nothing more, and unlike the other states of Western Europe we are not going to keel over or sue for peace in response to German demands.  At the moment we are at the stage of the Scandinavian non-aggression pacts.  Can we expect the annexation of Memel and Bohemia/Slovakia next.

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