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Friday, 23 December 2011

LabourTV caught out again

One of the recurring themes in this blog has been how the BBC persistently talk down UK economic statistics before they are announced, and then drop the story when their predictions of doom turn out to be false.

Yesterday, we had it again with the presenter of John Humphries, the Today Programme saying "We know the economy is slowing down, which is another way of saying the nation won’t be getting much richer, if at all. But today the latest revised growth figures will be published and everyone seems to think they will show it’s even worse than we thought."

I am not sure who counts as "everyone", because "everyone" was proven wrong, but the BBC doesn't apologise or even give the good news as much prominence as its earlier predictions of doom and gloom.

The bias is so obvious, even the Daily Mail has noticed.  So it must be true.


Bill Bell said...

I cant even tell whether that Daily Mail comment was sarcastic or not...

Alex said...

It's the way I tell 'em. Mind you I can't tell whether your comment is supposed to be funny or sad.