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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Crony capitalism

So the Miliband who is currently running the Labour Party (can't remember which one that is, they all look the same to me) thinks crony capitalism is a bad idea and so it is, so credit where it is due.

But why do I hear the words Drayson, Powderject and vaccines in my head? Or Benneton, Mills/Jowell, Ecclestone, F1 smoking ad ban?

Then again sometimes it goes Sugar, Viglen, public sector PC purchases, while at other times those same voices are saying Lakshmi Mittal & letters to the Romanian Government, or "Sir" Gulam Noon, or sometimes just plain "Hinduja passport" or "Union modernisation fund".

1 comment:

Demetrius said...

Your close contacts with capitalists are cronies, my close contacts are foward looking expert businessmen who have almost as much to give me as I have to give them.