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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Back off, McCluskey

On the one hand, I would quite like to see public sector strikes during the Olympics.  It is after all nothing more than a glorified school sports day that has been worked up into a multi-zillion spending spree.  Sure enough, government ministers have announced that the project is going to come in under budget, an achievement reached by increasing the budget by a factor of four since the bid was won.  In a way, there would be some satisfaction in having the unions out wrecking the party that their boys had signed us up for (2 prepositions at the end of a sentence, ugh, ugh).

But that would miss the point completely. It comes down to an issue of national identity.  Why would we want to have an all-out public sector strike like they have every summer clogging up the streets in Paris?

Let us not forget that the only reason that we are prepared to waste so much money on a 2 week event such as the 2012 Olympics ... is because the French wanted so badly to host it.

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A K Haart said...

Ha ha - you cynic. Great post.