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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

BBC spinning for the left again

This time in France.  Listen to the report off tonight's PM, starting at 46L:50, as Christian Fraser the BBC Paris correspondent deflects possible critical thinking away from DS-K and onto the upcoming French elections.


OK, so far so reasonable, but then the BBC try to turn this event into a positive for the left (certainly they can be relieved that DS_K wasn't arrested while running for president), but then they go one further and try to make out that this is actually good for the left because Francois Hollande looks "normal", whereas Sarkozy looks "bling".

Sorry, but where did Sarkozy come from?  It was the serial pervert at the IMF who was caught with his trousers down, but in the BBC world of impartiality it is OK to ignore the news and twist the story to denigrate the right.

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