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Monday, 14 May 2012

Yahoo! CEO! quits!

The Chief Executive of Yahoo! Scott Thompson has  resigned two weeks after it was revealed that he did not have a Computer Science degree as claimed, but an accounting degree. Which is a shame, because his CV is filed as part of the corporate filings with the SEC and that is a bit bad.

His real crime of course was to have such an appalling moustache. It takes a certain panache or dress sense to carry off the modern business-suit-with-no-tie look.  It rarely works, but your chances of success with a '70s style Mexican dollop of fluff on the top lip is never going to work.

The funny bit about this story was that Mr Thompson was not alone in his misdemeanours. Patti Hart,  chief executive of International Game Technology and a Yahoo director since 2010, who was tasked with finding a new CEO, had her own qualifications come under scrutiny. An investor alleged in a letter to the Yahoo board on Monday that she had exaggerated her academic background in claiming a bachelor’s degree in marketing and economics from Illinois State University, when she had in fact gained a business administration degree.

Personally I don't see much of a difference.

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