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Monday, 21 May 2012

Picture = 1,000 words

Last Friday was price support day from the underwriters who kept the price at $38 a share.  But this is a brand new week, price support is off and FB share price is down 13% in the first 45 minutes.  That's a $13.5 billion loss of theoretical value.

There goes nothing. Hope you all took my tip last week and shorted.


Steven_L said...

Fun being right isn't it! Just wish I'd had some cash in my account to short it.

As it happens I had to take it all out and buy a car ready to move to Scotland for a new job.

But 3 months later and the Scottish equivilent of the CRB still haven't given me the green light and I could be cashing in rather than handing my cash over to BP and Shell!


Demetrius said...

Nice one, it did all look too good to be true.