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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Public nuisance

I don't buy newspapers and I don't do Twitter, but I came across this tweet from Andrew Neil.

Every single well-paid job in flimsy Sunday Times appointments section is in public sector. Not one private sector job ad.

Sums up the nation's problems in a nutshell. While private sector pay is being driven steadily down towards Eastern Europeans, Indian and Chinese levels, those high up in the public sector persist in thinking they are worth hefty six figure salaries. Net result: a £150 billion deficit.
Add to that the Northern city whingers who complain that the cuts in grants from central government will jeopardise the core services they provide to the most vulnerable in society. Such as the laptops that get handed out to school kids that councils in the rest of the country can only dream about.  Still it will hit cities like Liverpool, hard, so it is a good thing that Liverpool already have the maximum amount of cash reserves permitted by the Audit Commission stashed away, savings made when they were awash with bribes cash from Labour.
Details of local government spending cuts are given in a report by the IFS here, but suffice it to say, if northern cities are given per capita grants of £1,500 per person or more while southern rural districts are given £850, then the softy soutrherners are hardly likely to give a sympathetic hearing to Northern cities who complain about attacks on the disadvantaged when those disadvantaged are still benefiting from grants that are hundreds of pounds higher than their own.

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Demetrius said...

Have you seen the new Equalities Commission Guidance on employment in the Public Sector? It is likely that the public sector may taken more resources to take care of itself than to deliver the services.