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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Seen elsewhere but too funny to let pass

Fritzl's Approval Ratings Fall Below Brown's

The approval ratings of Austrian rapist Josef Fritzl have fallen below Gordon Brown's according to a Daily Mirror YouGov poll published today which suggests that Brown would win a 20-seat majority at the next election if the Conservative Party were led by Fritzl.

Just over 7% of those polled said they were satisfied with the prime minister’s performance, compared to 3% for Fritzl, and 11% for burglars. Brown must hold an election by June 2010 or declare himself Lord Protector.

The imprisonment and rape of his daughter may be taking a toll on Fritzl's approval ratings, particularly among women voters, the survey found. The Prime Minister scored higher than Fritzl on law and order and family values, though voters trusted Fritzl more to manage the economy.

Brown, who repeatedly raped the British economy during a horrific 12-year ordeal, has seen his approval ratings fall below Nigerian spammers and dog arsonists, though he retains a narrow lead over the Liberal Democrats.

1 comment:

Demetrius said...

Its amazing that so many people are still putting so much trust into our PM. It must because because they see Mr. Mandleson and Jacqui The Smiter by his side.