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Sunday, 31 May 2009

An amazing coincidence

What do Gillian and Barry from Port Seton and their young daughter Hanna, the Conniff Family from Wester Ross and the McDonald family from Sauchie have in common?

They were all quoted in various Labour Party leaflets for the European Elections as saying: "It's Gordon Brown's leadership that will get us through these tough times. Labour is the only party on the side of hard-working families, standing up for Scottish people nationally and in Europe."

Exactly the same words. What are the odds of that? I don't believe it (and furthermore I don't believe what they said).


Demetrius said...

It could be extra sensory perception, on the other hand it might be stupid misleading politics. A am about to "flip" a coin rather than a property.

Not a sheep said...

Faked people and comments or just reading the latest Labour party spin? It makes little difference I think people have finally cottoned on to what I was saying in 1996; Blair, Brown, Straw et al are liars and fakes and will stop at nothing to get/keep power.