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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Another picture

Another thousand word graph showing the ratio of public sector activity to private sector activity, which explains why we are where we are, why we are heading for 10% unemployment (much more if you count the economically inactive and others exluded from unemployment statistics). Truly this country is a basket case.


zeno said...


Where did the data come from?

Alex said...

Indirectly from ONS statistics on GDP and government expenditure. I calculated the private sector sector activity as GDP-government activity and took the ratio of the two.

Same as the earlier graph comparing the rate of growth of government spending versus private sector activity. Just expressing the same numbers in a different way, but it really does tell you what is going on.

Alex said...

Similar graph here


zeno said...

Thanks Alex.

Know any good jobs going in Singapore?

Alex said...

What sort of field?