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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Prime Minister speaks to the nation

And the Financial Crimes speaks back:

"Do you really want to see tomorrow in the midst of the recession, while the government is dealing with this, the chaos of an election? What you actually want is to get on with the job of sorting out the problem. "

No, I'll settle for the chaos of an election. It can't be much worse than the current situation. And don't bother telling me what I want.

"Most of my job is to get on with getting this economy back to work, making sure we can come through this recession."

Except you aren't dealing with any of those problems. People have lost their jobs. What have you done? Nothing. People have lost their houses? What have you done? Nothing. There has been a lack of capital investment in the private sector for the last 10 years, and an increase in economically unproductive public sector spending of 90%. Whose fault is that? Yours.

"The problem is high unemployment, that we are dealing with, mortgage problems that people have that we are dealing with, small businesses in difficulty that we are dealing with. There will be an appropriate time to have an election but at the moment people want us to get on with the job."

Incorrect. Most people, as measured by opinion polls, want your government to step down. Some people, but only 22%, want you to get on with your job. Most people would be happy to have an election tomorrow.

1 comment:

Phidelm said...

All separate problems, eh? Unemployment, mortgage arrears, small businesses in distress, industry in disarray ... all entirely discrete, right?
I give up sometimes, I really do!