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Friday, 7 May 2010

A city close to my heart

Not my home constituency, but a place of which I am fond, is the ancient city of Winchester, whose voters made one of the loudest statements about the conduct they expect form their MPs.

In the past they punished the antics of Conservative John Browne, who made an exhibition of himself and embarrassed his supporters by harrassing his American ex-(but very wealthy) wife through the courts to squeeze out a larger divorce settlement for himself.

Now it seems they have turned on the Lib Dems with a 9% swing (that's an 18% change in vote) from the Liberal Democrats to the Conservatives in the seat vacated by Mark Oaten. Sorry, I know that term doesn't sound right in the circumstances.

Still, hats off to the three time Lib Dem loser (Winchester, NW Hants & Ealing), not for his political activities, but because at one time he was a salesman for Proctor and Gamble in Austria. Anyone who can sell healthcare products in a German speaking country with a name like Martin Tod has my respect.

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