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Monday, 10 May 2010

Never trust a Liberal Democrat

I never did and I never will. The LD's started the weekend spouting some principled clap-trap about giving the first opportunity to the party with the most votes, but before that has had a chance to play itself out, we find that they have been holding sneaky talks with the other side, and then before negotiations with the Conservativcs are complete they rush over to talk to Labour because Gordon Brown has resigned. Meanwhile, I didn't see the number of seats held by each party increase.

Normally, in these circumstances I would pick a stock that should do well in the current political climate, but the company I see as most likely to prosper is a private one, Spear & Jackson, whose hay fork LK is about as close as you will come to the traditional pitchfork. Also pretty handy looking, but for export only, is their range of plantation tools , while others might find the hardwood pick-axe handle useful.

For those looking for exposure to European stocks I find that my large wooden felling axe from Fiskars brings out the "inner psychotic", and we can see an inxcrease in UK sales for this Finnish company.

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