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Dow Jones

Monday, 31 May 2010

It's not just GCSE's that are being dumbed down

I wish the new government well, and I mean them no harm, but you have to wonder when you look at who is running the national finances.

First of all we start with Boy George whose sole demonstration of financial acumen appears to have been to be born into a substantial wallpaper fortune. His financial pronouncements appear to have been cobbled together by a scriptwriter who picks up their ideas (and jargon) from the business pages of the Evening Standard.

But the latest financial appointment is even more of a mystery. At a time when the greatest problem we face is to reduce the extraordinarily high level of government borrowing, the new Financial Secretary is a Lib Dem with no financial experience, who 5 years ago was the public relations officer for the Cairngorms National Park and whose only financial transactions of note was to claim second home allowances for a property that he later sold free of capital gains tax by claiming a primary residence exemption.

There is more financial talent in one of my little fingers than in the entire cabinet.

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