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Monday, 2 August 2010

A little statistical analysis

From the oh, so clean European Athletics championship. I added up the medal tallies of each country, scoring 5 for a gold, 3 for a silver and 1 for a bronze, and looked at the totals for men and women in each country. Then I grouped each country according to whether it was located in the former Eastern European bloc, and lo and behold I discovered that 65% of the scores for Eastern bloc countries came from their female athletes (and 35% from their men), whereas for the rest of Europe (and I include Turkey who had imported a lot of East African female champions) the ratio was obviously reversed, but not as extremely (38%:62%).

One might speculate why there should be such a disparity or even why the Russians should have a uniquely talented set of female athletes suited to the combination of speed an endurance required for the 400m.

Stimulating, no?

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Steven_L said...

You ha d a chance to pour your eagle eyes over this weeks bank results yet Alex?

Going to let us plebs know what you think like last year?