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Monday, 9 August 2010

More BBC Bias

This morning the former state (now pro-opposition) broadcaster ran the following on its website:

UK jobs market recovery 'to stall'

The fall in the UK jobless rate will raise recovery hopes

Recovery in the jobs market will "stall" this year as demand for workers in the public sector falls, new research has warned.

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), a third of employers expect to cut jobs in the next three months.

The public sector employers in particular are planning cuts, with 36% of them looking to lose staff.

The size of the cuts being considered has also increased, the CIPD said.

OK, there may be some truth in the future loss of public sector jobs, but that hasn't happened yet and as the report continued:

Despite the threat of cuts, the CIPD's net employment index, which measures the number of companies planning to hire against the number planning to lose staff, is still in positive territory at +two, down from +five three months ago.

In fact as it turns out this "stalling" (a cessation of growth, rather than a fall in employment) is mere speculation about what might happen.

"The CIPD believes that a rise in unemployment in the next two years remains a distinct possibility as the private sector recovery is offset by the 600,000 public sector job losses the government expects over the next five years."

Which of course meant nothing to the presenter on the Today programme this morning who declared that employment growth had stalled.


Anonymous said...

And, as if by magic, this morning's figures show that unemployment fell by 49,000 in the second quarter.

Alex said...

Interesting, Anonymous, but the "unemployment" figures are notoriously unreliable because so many people are excluded.

More reliable are the number actually in employment (up by 184,000, the largest quarterly rise since 1989), which is heading for the number of publicsector jobs that will be lost with the cuts.