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Monday, 14 March 2011

Are minor parties really worth it?

The Lib Dems held a weekend gobfest in Sheffield. The police, who had staffed up in anticipation of "10,000" angry protesters have sent in a bill for the weekend's policing: £2,000,000.

That's £200 of police time for every potential angry protester, most of whom didn't turn up anyway.  But the really annoying point is that most of the likely protesters were supposed to be Lib Dem members objecting to their own party's policies.

So once again, it is you dear tax payer who will be footing the greater part of the bill for this event.  The cost to you collectively will be equivalent to around two thirds of the annual donations paid to the Lib Dems by their members, and this wasn't even their annual conference.

When it costs more to the country to protect a party (mostly from its own members) than the party collects in subscriptions from those members, isn't it time to consider preventing it from meeting?

Or should the police send fewer police and employ more robust tactics, such as stamping on their sandals and pulling their beards (especially the women)?

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