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Monday, 14 March 2011

Why Japan is not about to disappear in a nuclear meltdown

Sensible informed writing unlike the hysteria found elsewhere:

Unlike the BBC's Richard Black
"This opens the possibility of a serious meltdown - where molten, highly radioactive reactor core falls through the floor of the containment vessel and into the ground underneath."

Ain't gonna happen, the primary reaction was switched off days ago and the activity in the core is residual heating caused by decay secondary radioactive material, and a small fraction of the normal thermal output

Read this from the IAEA befor eyou believe the scare stories from the BBC and the Guardian.

Japan Earthquake Update (14 March 2011, 05:15 CET)

Based on information provided by Japanese authorities, the IAEA can confirm the following information about the status of Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 at Fukushima Daini nuclear power plant.
All four units automatically shut down on 11 March. All units have off-site power and water levels in all units are stable. Though preparations have been made to do so, there has been no venting to control pressure at any of the plant´s units.
At Unit 1, plant operators were able to restore a residual heat remover system, which is now being used to cool the reactor. Work is in progress to achieve a cold shutdown of the reactor.
Workers at Units 2 and 4 are working to restore residual heat removal systems.
Unit 3 is in a safe, cold shutdown.
Radiation dose rate measurements observed at four locations around the plant´s perimeter over a 16-hour period on 13 March were all normal.

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