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Monday, 18 July 2011

Dick head of the Terrorist Squad

I have long despaired of the quality of the British police and their lack of ability to act in the public interest, viz:
  • ACPO's ability to access police (i.e. government) criminal records for its own financial benefit (supposedly an independent, non-governmental organisation)
  • the bludgeoning to death of a newspaper seller on the streets of London
  • the acceptance of bribes by police officers from journalists
  • the sale of confidential information by policemen to journalists
  • the incompetence inherent in the death of Jean-Charles de Meneses
It is the latter that provokes the greatest disbelief, and the attempted cover-up by another man called Blair that causes the most dismay (actually the fact that this man now sits in the House of Lords that causes the most dismay), but up there amongst the greatest causes of dismay was the fact that there was no reprimand for the extra-judicical killing of an innocent person.  The person responsible for that operation has just been appointed head of the anti-terriorist squad.

The BBC describes the wretched woman as having been in charge of the operation that led to the death of Jean-Charles de Meneses.  I wouldn't put it that way.  I would put that she initiated, was in charge of and supervised the most recent public execution by the British authorities on British soil.  She made the wrong decision then.  Why should we believe she will do any better in future?

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