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Dow Jones

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Where do I get a refund?

I am not a curmudgeon and am very willing to see my taxes used to pay for those that are too ill to support themselves, but the DWP has just released the results from the first 1.3 million tests for  sickness benefit.

1% of applications were still in progress
39% were deemed to be fit for work and were moved onto jobseeker's allowance
17% were able to do some sort of work given the correct support
7% were incapable of any work
36% dropped out of the application process

So that's over a third who dropped their claim before testing. and nearly two in five who weren't really ill at all, and in total less than one claim in four was actually valid.

Can I have some of my taxes back, please? Perhaps the list of those who can put their hands in their pockets first are the GPs who wrote the sick notes for the 1.1 million claimants who took the system for a ride.

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